Who is Jack Lyons?

How I became a writer

A lifelong reader, Jack found the inspiration to tackle a novel. This resulted in a random conversation about introducing the world to what Burning Man is all about. A friend said “Why don’t you do it?” My world changed from there.

One of the reasons that Burning Man was important to my growth was giving myself permission to create. The creators are not just other people, the creators are the people who decide they can create. 

stars, space, space wallpaper-7071801.jpg

Extraordinary Experiences

Never one to want to engage in large events and parties, my first visit to Burning Man was overwhelming: Physically, emotionally and spiritually. While exploring the farthest reaches of the playa, I sat with my back to the trash fence and watched the chaos and majesty unfolding before me. Part of me wanted to stay there out of the maelstrom. Safe in my withdrawal. The other part said the hell with that. Let’s go. 

If everyone in the world was given permission to create art, what beauty could be brought to life. 


In exploring new stories and storylines, worlds unimagined will open up. I write to find out what’s out there. 

The Soldiers Cross

In my second year at Burning Man, I was inspired to make a Soldiers Cross for the Temple. There was a box with paper that the participants could write and deposit memories and trauma. The box and its memories burned in the Temple. The cross I brought back for two more years, then let it burn as well. 

Thunder Dome

Thunderdome was exciting and challenging. I couldn’t have foreseen how much I would enjoy it.